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    2021-10-21 17:41:13
    Bluetooth Explained: Characteristics and Applications


    Ⅰ Overview
    Ⅱ Characteristics
    Ⅲ System composition
    Ⅳ Applications


    Ⅰ Overview

    Bluetooth is a radio technology that supports device short-range communication (generally 10m), which can be exchanged between many devices including mobile phones, PDAs, wireless bluetooth headphones, laptops, and related peripherals. With the Bluetooth technique, communication between mobile communication terminals can effectively simplify communication between mobile communication terminals, and can successfully simplify communication between the device and the Internet Internet, so that data transmission becomes more rapid and efficient, and broaden the road for wireless communication.

    Wireless Bluetooth headset.jpg

    Wireless Bluetooth headset

    Bluetooth can achieve convenience, flexibility, safety, low cost, low power data communication, and voice communication, so it is one of the mainstream technology of wireless domain network communication. Connected to other networks can bring a wider range of applications. It is an open-ended wireless communication that allows all digital devices wireless communication, one of the wireless network transmission technology, which is originally used to replace infrared.

    Bluetooth technology is an open global specification for wireless data and voice communication. It establishes a special connection for the communication environment of the mobile device. The actual content is to establish a universal radio empty interface for the communication environment between the fixed equipment or mobile device, and the communication technology is further combined with computer technology so that various 3C devices are connected to each other without wires or cables. In this case, mutual communication or operation can be implemented within the short distance range. Simply put, Bluetooth technology is a technique that utilizes low-power radio to transmit data between various 3C devices. Bluetooth works in a global 2.4GHz ISM (ie, industrial, scientific, medical) band, using IEEE802.15 protocol. As an emerging short-range wireless communication technology, it is powerful to promote the development of low-rate wireless personal regional networks.

    Bluetooth technology is wireless communication with Ericsson, Nokia, Toshiba, International Commercial Machine (IBM) and Intel (Intel) jointly announced. Bluetooth devices are the main carriers for Bluetooth technology applications. Bluetooth products accommodate the Bluetooth module, support Bluetooth radio connection, and software applications. The Bluetooth device connection must be paired within a certain range. This pairing search is called the short-range temporary network mode that can accommodate up to 8 units. Bluetooth technology has RF characteristics. The TDMA structure and network multi-level structure are used, and the frequency of frequency hopping technology, wireless technology, etc. are technically applied, and the transmission efficiency is high, so it is applied by various industries.

    Ⅱ Characteristics

    The characteristics of Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth products are:

    1. Bluetooth technology communicates with telecommunications networks via wireless. The Bluetooth applicable equipment is very wide and there is no cable connection.

    2. Bluetooth technology's working frequency band is globally universal, suitable for use in users in the world, solve the "national" obstacle of cellular mobile phones. Bluetooth products are easy to use, and the Bluetooth device can search for another Bluetooth product, quickly establish contact between two devices, automatically transfer data automatically under the scope of control software.

    Bluetooth new standard support mesh network protocol.jpg

    Bluetooth new standard support mesh network protocol

    3. Good security and strong anti-interference ability. Due to the function of fluduming technology with frequency hopping, it effectively avoiding the ISM band encountered an interference source. Bluetooth technology has better compatibility and has been capable of developing a technology independent of the operating system, achieving good compatibility in various operating systems.

    4. Short transmission distance: At this stage, the main operating range of Bluetooth technology is around 10 meters. The Bluetooth technology after increasing RF power can be operated in the range of 100 meters, and only this can ensure the quality of work when Bluetooth is propagating. In addition, the interference between the technology and other electronic products can also be effectively reduced during the Bluetooth technology connection, thereby ensuring that Bluetooth technology can operate normally. Bluetooth technology not only has high communication quality and efficiency but also has a high propagation safety feature.

    Ⅲ System composition

    1. The underlying hardware module

    The underlying hardware module in the Bluetooth technology system is managed by baseband, frequency hopping, and link management. Among them, the baseband is the transfer of Bluetooth data and frequency hopping. The wireless FM layer is not required to authorize microwaves, data streaming, and filtering are implemented in wireless fax, which is mainly defined by the Condition of the Bluetooth transceiver to meet the conditions of this frequency band. Link management implements security control of link establishment, connection, and demolition.

    2. The intermediate protocol layer

    The intermediate protocol layer in the Bluetooth technology system consists mainly of the service discovery protocol, the logical link control, and the adaptation protocol, the telephone communication protocol, and the serial simulation protocol. The role of the service discovery protocol layer is to provide a mechanism for the upper layer application to use services in the network. Logical link control and adaptation protocols are responsible for data disassembly, multiplexing protocols, and control quality, which are the foundation of other protocol layers.

    3. High-level application

    In the system consisting of Bluetooth technology, the high-level application is located in the uppermost frame portion of the protocol layer. The high-level application of Bluetooth technology mainly has documentation, network, and local area network access. Different kinds of high-level applications are wireless communication implemented by a certain application mode through a corresponding application.

    Ⅳ Applications

    1. Automotive field

    1) Bluetooth hands-free communication

    The Bluetooth technology is applied to the car hands-free system, which is the most typical car Bluetooth application technology. Using the mobile phone as a gateway, open the mobile phone Bluetooth function and the car hands-free system. As long as the phone is within 10 meters away from the car's hands-free system, it can be automatically connected. The phone can control the microphone and sound system in the car, thereby achieving full-duplex-free calls.

    2) Car Bluetooth entertainment system

    Car Bluetooth Entertainment System, mainly including USB technology, audio decoding technology, Bluetooth technology, etc... Combined with the above technology, using automotive internal microphones, audio, etc., it will play various audio and phone books stored in the U disk. Connect the network in the in-vehicle system in CAN, so that the operation of the in-vehicle information entertainment system can be realized. It also retains scalability for the system.

    3) Bluetooth vehicle remote condition diagnosis

    The in-vehicle diagnostic system mainly relies on Bluetooth remote technology to check vehicle maintenance, especially for real-time monitoring of automobile engines. It helps the vehicle master the specific operation of different functional modules. Once the system is not working properly, the setup calculation will accurately judge the cause of the fault. The fault diagnostic code is uploaded to the in-vehicle running system memory.

    4) Car Bluetooth anti-theft

    As technology has gradually matured, Bluetooth will have further improvements in terms of application of wide range of applications, safety, transmission accuracy, transmission efficiency, etc. In particular, the Bluetooth anti-theft device is applied. If the car is in a state, the Bluetooth sensing function will automatically connect the car owner's mobile phone. Once the vehicle state changes or theft, it will automatically alarm.

    2.Bluetooth technology is used in industrial production

    1) Technicians' wireless monitoring of CNC machine tools

    The application of Bluetooth technology in CNC machine tools is mainly reflected in wireless monitoring, using Bluetooth technology to install the corresponding monitoring facilities, providing convenience for user production of CNC machine tools, and also maintaining the safety of CNC machine tools. According to the carrier, the technical personnel monitor and manage the machine tools at any time, and discover the production problem of CNC machine tools. In particular, the automatic monitoring capabilities implemented under the wireless data link can be properly intervened, such as stop the spindle or system shutdown.

    2) Detection of partial wear

    The Bluetooth detection function is also reflected in industrial parts wear, using Bluetooth detection software combined with wear testing materials to conduct experimental studies. Wear detection data is transmitted to related equipment by Bluetooth wireless transmission, and the relevant equipment is intelligently analyzed, and the results are notified to personnel.

    3) Power output standardization

    Bluetooth technology is also very important in industrial power output. Adjusting equipment uses Bluetooth technology to transmit production power changes and compare it with standard run power. If there is a power change abnormality, it will be adjusted in time and will be uploaded.

    4) Real-time and complete records of the operating state of CNC systems

    The Bluetooth transmission device is mainly composed of monitoring systems, records the operating state of the CNC system, and transmits any fluctuations during the operating period of the CNC system to the storage device. Using communication port upload information, it provides more reference materials for numerical control management managers.

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